Venison Haunch


Nigel Sampson, de Britse expert en bekend en prijswinnend met hertenvlees van zijn organic farm in Yorkshire heeft ons geholpen om echt prachtig wild hertenvlees te verkrijgen uit het noorden van Schotland. Het vlees komt van twee landgoederen genaamd Altnaharra en Culligran. We hebben verschillende varianten, namelijk een braadstuk van “loin” (hertenrugfilet) en daarnaast ook “haunch” (hertenbout) als braadstuk en als steaks.

Loin is vergelijkbaar met tournedos, dus extra mals en omdat de beschikbaarheid beperkter is ook wel een stuk kostbaarder. De “haunch” is wat wij hertenbout zouden noemen met een iets stevigere ‘bite’ en daardoor vaak bij ‘meat lovers’ letterlijk nog meer in trek. Maar of je van boterzacht of juist van meer ‘bite’ houdt is natuurlijk heel persoonlijk.

De rollade komt als braadstuk in twee gewichten: 500 gram (3 – 4 personen) en 1000 gram (7 – 8 personen).


Product Description

Yorkshireman Nigel Sampson returned to his North of England, Yorkshire roots in 1990 following two years as an estate manager on the Isle of Jura on the West Coast of Scotland. Using his experience and passion of livestock farming he has turned a one man farm into a company that produces award-winning prime venison – Holme Farmed Venison.

Today this family run farm business is going through Organic conversion and runs their own herd of Red Deer and processes the meat themselves to the highest standards and with great respect for animal life.

At Holme Farmed Venison they pride themselves on providing the best naturally reared and wild venison in in the United Kingdom

Quality Farmed, Park and Wild Venison

Holme Farmed Venison markets prime venison from animals reared naturally on its own farm as well as now supplying sustainable quality wild, from Traditional English and Scottish Parks and Estates.

British Wild

British Wild is Nigel’s new brand of fully traceable wild venison, from Red and Fallow Deer that meets the public demand to make the most of the native wild deer in Britain. As the name implies it is seasonal British wild venison sustainably sourced during their legal hunting seasons.

Prime Quality Venison

Nigel: “Venison’s natural qualities as one of the healthiest meats available has led to a game renaissance and Holme Farmed Venison have stepped up to the mark to provide consumers with the choice they are looking for of both farmed and wild venison.

As consumers become more concerned about where their food comes from and what’s in it, we perfectly tick the box with our traditionally-reared and wild animals

For Boers & Boers, we have taken all the above a step further, and provided them with Venison selected from 2 estates in the very North of Scotland, Altnaharra in Sutherland, and Culligran in Invernesshire, that run as farmed ranches to supply the deer to Holme Farmed Venison. So we know your meat from the start.”

Additional Information

Gewicht 0.5-1.0 kg